Here’s what you need to graduate:

  1. A valid copy of a Governent issued Photo ID
    IMPORTANT: Valid Photo Identification includes: Ontario Driver License, Passport, Ontario Photo ID Card, Citizenship Certificate, Permanent Residency Card. ID that doesn’t qualify: Health Card, Social Insurance Number. Email us your valid copy.
  2. Signed copy of Liability Form
    IMPORTANT: You must provide full legal name, as it appears on the identification you have submitted to us and you are carrying with you to the test venue on the test day. Download the form here. You must complete, sign, and Email us the Form.
  3. First AID Certificate
    Email us a valid copy of your First AID Certificate.
  4. Completion of 40 Hour Security Guard Course
    Complete the required time on each chapter.
  5. Online Security Guard Practice Test
    IMPORTANT: You must receive 70% to pass the Practice Test.
  6. Training Completion Number
    IMPORTANT: From the time you complete the last step, it takes 24-48 business hours to receive a Training Completion Number. Please note it will be sent to you via email along with information on how to book your Ministry Exam.

Welcome to SecurGARD Online Security Guard and Private Investigator Training

Please study all the material one chapter at a time, and take your time with all chapters. There is a time requirement for each chapter and you will not be able to move to the next chapter until the time requirement has been reached. You have a maximum of 90 days to complete your course.

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